Technical springs

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Metal springs and other semi-finished products

A large part of our wire products are not end products but semi-finished intermediaries or components, such as technical springs.

We are able to manufacture a large number of different metal springs for you such as the technical springs, conical springs, tension springs, coil springs, locking clips, and various other clips.

Large series

We manufacture custom-made technical springs only in large quantities.

Do you require a large batch of technical springs? Please request a quote.

Suspension brackets, mounting brackets, clamps, fan guards.

Spring coiling machines

Our spring coiling machines are mainly used for the bending of spring steel with a diameter of 0,3-4 mm. Spring steel is characterized by a high resistance to permanent deformation, making the material ideally suited for the manufacturing of springs and clamps. Springs are available in bright steel wire, galvanized or stainless steel.

Some of our spring coiling machines are equipped with high speed cameras that photographs each product thus continuously checking the dimensions and tolerance. By using these optical measurements incoming goods inspections are no longer necessary.

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