Stainless steel pickling

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Stainless steel pickling

Pickling is the preferred post-treatment for wire products consisting of welded stainless steel parts. The goal of pickling is to restore the composition of the material that has been altered by welding, setting or cutting. This prevents oxidation and also removes any discolouration of the weld that may have arisen.

The process

At Blok’s Draadvorm we pickle our products by immersing them in a pickling agent. After the first bath the products are transferred directly to the second bath, where the products are rinsed. The products are then transferred to a third bath, where they are cleaned using ultrasonic technology. This process ensures a thorough cleansing in difficult areas. Finally the products are transferred to a fourth and final bath, which is filled with purified water so that the products can dry spot free.

Ultrasonic cleaning

This highly effective cleaning method is created by sending high frequency sound waves through water. This creates thousands of air bubbles that implode by the sound waves thus causing a multitude of small currents. These currents function like a brush and soak the dirt from the product.

The advantages

Every small opening and narrow space is cleaned.

There are no scratches or damages.

Time saving due to high speed cleaning.


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