Custom stainless steel cooking grids

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Custom stainless steel cooking grids

The stainless steel cooking grids manufactured by Blok’s Draadvorm are used by many food companies.

Products include barbeques and grills, industrial bakery systems, combination steamers, ovens etc.

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Other food products

Besides stainless steel cooking grids we also manufacture several other components for the food industry such as chicken grills, meat skewers, poultry shackles, drip tray grates for coffee machines etc. These products are custom made, but we do have various meat skewers in stock.

Due to their custom nature we manufacture the above components only in large quantities and therefore we are not able supply to smaller bakeries, butchers and catering establishments. There is a good chance that you are already using our products, so please contact the supplier of your equipment if you have questions.

Production of a cooking grid

​The frame is bent using stainless steel wire and then bonded with a TIG-weld.

One or more transverse bars are attached to the frame with a T-shaped weld by means of TIG-welding.

​The wire mesh is assembled using medium frequency resistance spot welding.

​The wire mesh is attached to the frame using medium frequency resistance spot welding.

The completed grid is pickled in nitric acid and then thoroughly rinsed (passivation).

​The grid is deep cleaned using ultrasonic technology.

Finally the grid is immersed in demineralized water which ensures a stain free end product.


Guaranteed a sustainably

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