Bending of wire

Blok’s Draadvorm can bend metal wire for you in 2D as well as in 3D. We have the latest computer controlled CNC wire bending machines, allowing us to work quickly and efficiently. This translates into transparent rates and fast delivery times.

Our machines have a range of 0,3-14 mm. We distinguish the bending machines in two categories:

  • Bending machines that are suitable for springs or spring-like products. In general these products are bent using a thinner wire with high tensile strength such as for spring wire. We process these products from 0,3 to 4 mm, in class A, B, C and stainless steel 1.4310.
  • Bending machines that are suitable for all other bending products with a lower tensile strength. These products vary from 2-14 mm and can be bent in bright steel wire, galvanized, aluminium and stainless steel material. In some cases even tubing can be bent.

Certified manufacturing

Our newest CNC bending machines are equipped with optical measuring equipment. These high speed cameras photograph each product and thus check the dimensions and tolerance. We then label this as ‘certified product’ as every product has been checked. With this new technology incoming goods inspections are no longer necessary.

Tooling workshop in-house

Blok’s Draadvorm has its own in-house tooling workshop in which special tools are developed and manufactured for bending machines, as well as welding fixtures. We also develop new techniques for more efficient bending and welding including robots that operate our machines.

Due to having our in-house workshop we are very flexible in production possibilities ensuring fast deliveries.


Blok’s Draadvorm

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