Horti- and agricultural industry

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Horti- and agricultural industry

For the horti-/agriculture sector we develop and manufacture technical wire products to support the crop, brackets for installation of cultivation gutters and lighting fixtures, and the installation of screening systems.

As an example we have developed a spring clip for adhesive foil strips rated as best functioning horticulture foil clip.

We manufacture plant supports for various plants including orchids. These plant supports are available in various shapes and sizes, please check our website for more information: groeivormen.nl

Production of clamps for screen installations

Blok’s Draadvorm manufactures patented clamps for screen installations, these clamps are manufactured in large batches and are kept in stock for our customers.

These clamps are efficiently pressed on foam strips and packaged in handy boxes which ensures ease of use when installing the screens.

Blok’s Draadvorm

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