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Continuous pursuit of efficiency

Environmental respect

Blok’s Draadvorm

Family-owned business - Innovative in wire products

We are experts in metal wire processing, but that did not happen overnight! Who are we, what is our history and what do we stand for?

Our method of working

Blok’s Draadvorm is a manufacturer of components, intermediaries and finished products of metal wire in all shapes, sizes and from different metal types.

For over sixty years we have been developing metal wire products and in collaboration with our customers we develop innovative solutions for the most diverse applications.

We know the possibilities of metal wire like no other and we assist our customers to further develop their wishes and ideas for new products, intellectual property or improvement of existing products.

Our in-house R&D-team optimizes products with their knowledge of our machinery. We can translate your wishes into a 3D drawing, but we can also work with your existing drawings. Based on the design, a test model is made and production can start after approval. In most cases we expect a delivery time of 3 to 4 weeks. All products are packed and transported according to your preferences.

A thorough preparation, proactive consideration of the customers needs, and collaboration regarding the needs of the client defines the way we work.

Stock delivery

We manage the product stock for many customers. We can build up stock based on the current annual demand of a metal wire product.

Building stock allows us to run larger series, which gives you as a customer a price advantage and ensures that you fast deliveries at any time.

Our Mission & Vision

Why does Blok’s exist?

Blok's Draadvorm aims to deliver high-quality wire products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We are dedicated to developing knowledge and educating our employees to provide excellent quality, innovative designs, and customer-centric solutions. We continue to innovate and invest in unique efficient business processes and developing true craftsmanship among our employees.

What do we stand for?

Our vision is not just to manufacture wire products but to actually provide solutions that exceed our customers' expectations. We strive to continuously innovate, apply sustainable production methods, and push the boundaries of possibilities within the wire industry. We promote a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, striving for perfection in every detail of our craftsmanship, including solving all our technical bottlenecks through automation.

Our core values


We continuously strive to push boundaries, embrace new ideas, and find creative solutions to complex challenges.


Expertise, integrity, reliability, and customer focus are paramount to us. We uphold high standards of proficiency, deliver on promises, and aim for outstanding customer service.

All under one roof

Given that we conduct all processes internally, we have full control over quality, efficiency, and the entire production chain. This also enables us to promptly respond to customer needs and feedback.


We are committed to our customers and our employees. Building long-lasting relationships and achieving mutual success and growth for both our customers and our employees is central to Blok’s Draadvorm.


For us, this means more than just delivering a quality product. We proactively identify customer needs and build strong relationships based on trust, respect, and transparency.

Continuous pursuit of efficiency

We continuously evaluate, innovate, and optimize our business processes to implement our unique methodologies as efficiently as possible.

Environmental respect

We produce emission-free and solar-powered. Additionally, we use 100% reusable materials.

Our history


From a young age, Loek Sr. knows that he wants to set up his own business in metal wire products. In the early 1950s he took the first steps with Blok's Draadvorm. In a shed behind the parental home, Loek Sr. starts manufacturing lampshade frames made from metal wire. The products are often delivered to the customer by cargo bike.


The first business premises is purchased in this year. Blok's was established on the Gheijnstraat in The Hague. The business activities are expanded considerably here and various machines are purchased.


After 7 years, there is a need for a larger building and Blok's Draadvorm moves to the Wassenaarsestraat.


Blok's Draadvorm is growing steadily in the Netherlands, but businesses internationally such as businesses in the Middle East are also finding their way to Blok's. This is why Blok's moved to, yet again, a larger property with a warehouse at De Werf 5 in The Hague.


In this year, Johan, Philip and Loek take over the company that was founded over 40 years ago by their father. The three brothers immediately make plans to further automate the bending and welding of metal wire.


Blok's Draadvorm wins the Silver Stork Award through investments in advanced machinery and further innovation. This annual prize for businesses in The Hague is a token of appreciation for good entrepreneurship. The municipality spotlights entrepreneurs who positively distinguish themselves and who lead their company with vision, courage, creativity and innovation.


At the end of 2015, Blok's will move again, this time to their current location at Koperwerf 7 in The Hague. This modern commercial building is fully equipped and offers space for further growth. The factory is large and modern and, through several investments, is equipped with a large number of new machines.


Blok's is nominated for the Smart Manufacturing Award in the South Holland region and wins this district award.

Our people

Our machinery

Wire bending machines

The wire diameters that our machines can bend spans from 0,3 mm up to 14 mm which enables us to manufacture almost any metal wire product, from tiny springs for blinds to parking systems for bicycles at train stations.

Welding machines and welding robots

At Blok's Draadvorm we weld by hand, with a machine or with robots. The welding techniques we use are plasma welding, MIG/MAG, TIG, (medium frequency) resistance welding.

Milling, turning and setting

In our tooling workshop we have a milling machine, a lathe and a press break. We use them to manufacture tools for our bending machines and fixtures for assembly of products such as fan guards for ventilating systems.



years of experience in metal wire processing


different metal wire products in our product range

“In this fast-paced economy of job hopping, self-employment and temporary jobs, we believe in the opposite. Loyalty and continuity is what’s important to us, not only in our relation with customers, but in particular towards our employees.”


Our quality

Quality and reliability are key in our relationship with our customers. We ensure this through our ISO9001:2015 certified management system and by only selecting the best staff and machinery. We work according to the highest quality standards and the quality of your metal wire product is accurately checked throughout the entire manufacturing process. Based on reference models and drawings with tolerances we continuously check if the metal wire product meets the desired requirements and functionalities. All materials we use for manufacturing are checked according to dimensional stability, tensile strength and finish.

We have several bending machines that are equipped with high speed cameras, these machines automatically measure every metal wire product and checks if these fall inside the pre-determined tolerances. By investing in this possibility, we ensure absolute quality and efficiency, and it allows us to deliver certified quality products. We can offer graphics of the results which can assist the incoming goods inspectionfor our customers or can even make it redundant.

Blok's Draadvorm is a member of the Koninklijke Metaalunie, the largest Dutch employers' organisation for small and medium-sized enterprises active in the metal industry.

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