Hooks, brackets and clamps

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Hooks, brackets and clamps

This category entails most of the products we manufacture.

The horticulture- and the floriculture sector is a branche that cannot do without these products.

Suspension hooks for: condensation gutters, irrigation systems, tomato plants, etc.
Brackets for: light fixtures, irrigation systems etc.
Truss clamps for: screens, canvas, wires, etc.

Other sectors that use our hooks, brackets and clamps are the food processing industries, the retail and transport industry.

We manufacture these products in large quantities.


All the clamps we manufacture are made of high-end spring steel. You can order this in bright steel wire, galvinized or stainless steel with various tensile strengths.

Transportation buckles

We manufacture transportation buckles for various customers. These buckles are used in, for example, the transport industry to securely strap heavy loads.

Every buckle is identical and can be ordered in large quantities.


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