Fan guards

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Fan guards

At Blok’s Draadvorm fan guards are produced according to strict safety standards. For axial fans, small or large, round, oval or square, flat or three dimensional, we manufacture in many shapes and sizes.

Our fan guards are most often made of galvanized steel and finished with a powder coating, this considerably extends the lifespan of the product.

Material and finish

Stainless steel fan guards
Fan guards that are used in moist, acidic and salty surroundings are often made from stainless steel 316. These products are pickled and cleaned ultrasonically after assembly to repair the properties of the stainless steel.

PPA (polymer) finishing
In heavy-duty applications such as climate systems and industrial condensation systems, a thicker corrosion and impact resistant layer may be necessary. A PPA polymer coating can be applied for this purpose.

Degreasing and phosphating
By degreasing and phosphating the assembled product prior to applying the powder coating, it attaches increasingly better which results in a more sustainable end product. We have a special washing machine that re-uses the washing products, eliminating impact on the environment

Welding machine for fan guards

Our fully automated welding machine for fan guards has been specifically designed for Blok’s Draadvorm. To increase efficiency we use two identical welding fixtures per specific product for this machine.

Several benefits

Optimal welds through medium frequency welding

Every product is exact, to specification and identical

Efficient manufacturing

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