Anchoring for the construction industry

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Anchoring for the construction industry

Blok’s Draadvorm manufactures various wire products that are used in the construction sector. We make all kinds of cavity and brick brackets that are used to anchor and stabilize cavity walls. These cavity brackets can be made from galvanized wire as well as stainless steel in the qualities RVS304 and RVS316.

We manufacture large numbers of lifting hooks made from special steel for the construction industry (S355J2G3). These lifting hooks are poured in concrete slabs so these can be safely lifted and moved in temperatures ranging from -20C to +20C. As an example this is used for precast hollowcore floors.

Deadlines and deliveries.

All construction projects are subject to tight deadlines. This is why it is important that the ordered wire products arrive at the agreed location at the agreed time, entirely in accordance with the drawing. The logistic processes within Blok’s Draadvorm are therefore designed to meet these wishes.

Production of lifting hooks

Lifting hooks are manufactured on one of the factory's oldest machines. We recover the residual heat produced by this machine to also heat the factory.

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