Powder coating

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Powder coating

Blok’s Draadvorm offers various options for the finishing of your wire products. After the bending, cutting and welding we can powder coat the product. We can reuse the powder by containing 99,5% of it.


  • Increasing the corrosion resistance of the products
  • Every RAL colour is possible
  • An attractive rate for powder coating due to reusing the powder

The process

In preparation of the powder coating of wire products we first efficiently degrease using alkaline agents and if necessary we phosphate the product as well. Then we coat the products on an automatic line in epoxy, epoxy-polyester, polyester or in a PPA. After applying the powder the wire products go into a special oven to harden.


Some examples of products we regularly powder coat

Fan guards

Lighting components such as rings, frames and lampshades

Displays for advertising and shop interiors

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