Custom made wire products

Innovation, flexibility and reliability. We are an expert in the development, manufacturing and supply of components, intermediary and finished products made of metal wire in the range of 0.3 – 14 mm. All our products are custom made and tailored to your specific requirements.

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A selection of our wire products


In 2017 we will install solarpanels on the roof of our factory and offices allowing us to bend and weld your products by using solar energy! Read more.


With the purchase of the FMU25, we have set a new standard in quality. During the unique production process, where we produce at two levels, the machine automatically photographs each wire product and measures whether it falls within the predefined tolerances.

By investing in this facility we want to ensure absolute quality and efficiency. We find it important to deliver our customers a certified quality product. By delivery we can provide a graphical overview of the results. This makes incoming inspection for our clients easier or even unnecessary. Read more.