Welding and assembling

In the field of welding Blok’s Draadvorm has the latest technology. The welding and assembling of various wire products takes place in our factory and we use the most modern machines to do this, including several fully automated welding robots. Plasma, MIG/MAG, TIG and medium frequency resistance welding are among the options available.

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Plasma welding

Our plasma robot is used to weld faster but with the same high quality. This technique is desirable for products used in the food industry such as poultry shackles, rotisserie spits and rotisserie accessories.

Due to its compact design our plasma robot offers a high degree of flexibility and is very precise in small openings or narrow spaces.

Blok’s Draadvorm

Innovative in wire products

Welding machine for fan guards

Our fully automated welding machine for fan guards has been specifically designed for Blok’s Draadvorm. To increase efficiency we use two identical welding fixtures per specific product for this machine.

Several benefits

Optimal welds through medium frequency welding

Every product is exact, to specification and identical

Efficient manufacturing

Blok’s Draadvorm

Innovative in wire