Growth forms for orchids

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Growth forms for orchids

Blok’s Draadvorm designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of premium orchid supports. This offers a value-enhancing alternative and can be ordered in several models.

Patented clip-on-pot

Our orchid supports distinguish themselves through a patented clip-on-pot. This clip-on-pot ensures stability and safety during presentation and transport. Besides orchid supports with this clip-on-pot there are also plug-in models and we also offer accessories such as the spacer.

Blok’s Draadvorm has a dedicated website for these products

Perfect presentation

The orchid supports that we manufacture are made of exclusive black galvanized metal wire of 3 mm. This ensures a durable, high-quality and very presentable product.

Groeivormen voor orchideeën

Production of orchid supports

We have the most advanced machines and tools which enables us to manufacture orchid supports with precision in all shapes and sizes.

Are you looking for a specific orchid support or do you have an idea for a new shape, please contact us!

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