Custom made wire products

Innovation, flexibility and reliability. We are experts in the development, manufacturing and supply of components, intermediary and finished products made of metal wire in the range of 0.3 – 14 mm. All our products are custom made and tailored to your specific requirements.

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Company profile

Blok’s Draadvorm is a family owned company founded in 1953. We can produce virtually any wire based product thanks to housing all key processes under one roof: bending, assembly, and finishing, such as coating and pickling stainless steel. Our current portfolio consists of over 4,000 products, ranging from tiny springs to fan guards and greenhouse LED brackets to designer lamp frames. We supply products to different sectors including the construction, automotive, and food industries, but also to advertising, lighting, and agri- and horticulture. All of our products are custom made and tailored to your specific requirements. This portfolio has been developed over time and in close cooperation with our loyal and growing customer base.

As we have specialized in wire products since 1953 and have continuously invested in our machines, we have a wide range of options which creates high flexibility. We can prototype and manufacture small series, but also scale up and automate production.

A selection of our wire products

Energy and sustainability

Family owned companies like ours have a broad definition of sustainability: it’s about sustaining the company. This requires a focus on our employees, building, technologies, and the environment.
In late 2015 our future ready factory was built. It has been outfitted with carefully selected systems and equipment based on comfort and energy consumption. We manufacture over 20 million products per year, all made of recyclable materials such as stainless steel. We aim to limit waste, but any materials that are left over after the production process are recycled. Paper, cardboard, and plastic are also separated and recycled.
We have the ambition to operate on a carbon neutral basis. We reuse the heat from our production process as much as possible and since the summer of 2017 we supply our machines with our own solar energy.
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With the purchase of the FMU25, we have set a new standard in quality. During the unique production process, where we produce at two levels, the machine automatically photographs each wire product and measures whether it falls within the predefined tolerances.

By investing in this facility we want to ensure absolute quality and efficiency. We find it important to deliver our customers a certified quality product. By delivery we can provide a graphical overview of the results. This makes incoming inspection for our clients easier or even unnecessary.
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