Product development is a continuous process. Blok’s Draadvorm assists you with the design and development of your products. Our production plant is driven by its exclusive drawing department. We can translate your requirements into a 3D drawing or work with your existing drawings. On the basis of this design a model is then made. After approval of the model, the production can start in small or large quantities. In the majority of cases our delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks. Once the order is completed, we pack the products and prepare for shipment. Thorough preparation, careful execution, a proactive approach and putting the needs of our customer first are all characteristic of our way of working.

Delivery from stock 

Blok’s Draadvorm manages the product stock for a variety of clients. Stock levels are based on current demand of a product determined in consultation with the client. Building a stock allows us to run larger series and the opportunity to achieve short delivery times. This has the advantage of placing your order on call so you never run out of products.


We work on base of calculation. Beforehand we determine how much time, people and resources must be used for a given manufacturing process. After completion of the project we calculate it again. If it turns out that the costs are lower than we have calculated, we will compensate you for the difference. Always in your favor. With us you’ll never pay too much.