Stainless steel or galvanized meat skewers

Meat skewers for satay are produced by Blok’s Draadvorm in large volumes and in different sizes and materials. The meat skewers are made from stainless steel wire and galvanized wire. The meat skewers are packaged in boxes. Mass production of these articles makes for attractive prices. Our clients are therefore mainly wholesalers of disposables and large meat processing companies. Blok’s always advises to use stainless steel skewers to conform to safety and hygiene standards.

Alternative to wooden satay skewers

Metal meat skewers are an excellent alternative to wooden satay skewers. Metal is more firm and will not break or burn on the barbecue. The points of the skewers are sharp and remain intact. Our metal meat skewers give a luxury feel to your catering event. Finally, metal is a sustainable material and is fully recyclable. Waste disposal companies can easily separate the skewers from other waste using magnets.

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow

Blok’s Draadvorm holds a large stock of meat skewers in the most sold sizes. Both of stainless steel wire and galvanized wire, we have in stock meat skewers in sizes of 18 cm, 25 cm and 32 cm. If you order before 12:00, they will be delivered the next day (if in stock). Of course you can also come and pick them up yourself at our factory.

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Custom made meat skewers are also a possibillity. Decide the length of the skewer yourself or request a specific shape for the handle of the skewer. For example, a letter or a logo. If you have any questions about our meat skewers or if you need a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us or use our online form to request a quote.

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