Custom made stainless steel racks

At Blok’s Draadvorm we specialize in the manufacturing of high grade stainless steel racks. We carry out all necessary processes inhouse and make all the parts independently. This is the only way we can garantuee the quality of the racks.

Our stainless steel racks are used in mny different types of companies in the food industry. For example, producers of barbecues and grills, industrial bakery systems and food processing equipment such as combi steamers and ovens, but also in fish smokers and food service companies.

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The production process of a rack

  • The framework is bent and attached with a TIG weld.
  • One or more transverse bars are attached with a T-joint weld by means of TIG welding to the framework.
  • The wire grid is spot-welded using a medium frequency welding technique.
  • The wire grid spot-welded to the framework, using the same medium frequency welding technique.
  • The rack is pickled in nitric acid and then thoroughly rinsed (passivation).
  • The rack is cleaned deeply, using ultrasonic technology.
  • Lastly, the rack is dipped in demi water.
  • racks
    The cross bars on this stainless steel oven rack are attached to the frame through a T-joint weld via TIG welding to make sure the grid has no weak spots.

    The advantages of our method of production

  • TIG welding of the framework and the transverse bars ensures that the grid has no weak spots. Through TIG welding, any openings in the metal are welded shut, and so nesteling of bacteria is prevented.
  • Medium frequency welding ensures a perfectly regular, burr-free joint which is almost invisible. By optimizing the electrode pressure and the heat, we are able to weld different wire diameters consistently regardless of any unpredictable variations of carbon levels in the thread.
  • The above processes damage the surface coating. Pickling in nitric acid etches the material, after which it is passivated to restore the stainless surface layer. The material will corrode no longer.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning will give the best results to remove any remnants of the production process, even in hard to reach corners and edges.
  • Dipping in demi water ensures a stain free delivery.
  • After pickling, stainless steel is easy to clean and is unaffected by fatty acids.
  • We guarantee a sustainably produced, high quality product.
  • Maintenance

    Maintenance and periodic cleaning of products like stainless steel grills is highly recommended by Blok’s Draadvorm. Unlike popular belief, stainless steel will stain and rust over time. Therefore it is very important to regularly clean the working environment to increase the lifespan of your stainless steel parts and products.

    Other food products

    We fabricate many different products which are intended for the food industry. Firstly we manufacture parts for food processing machinery. Also, many of our wire guards for fans are used in storage areas intended for produce like potatoes and onions. We make food baskets, oven racks, barbecue grills, chicken grills, meat skewers, spits and satay chicken skewers. We also make drip tray grids for coffee machines.

    food basket

    We manufacture these products in large series. We do not deliver to individual bakeries, butcher’s shops and restaurants, but to the suppliers of these companies. This includes producers of (large) kitchen equipment, industrial bakeries, slaughterhouses and large food processors.

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