About us

Quality and reliable. Innovative and flexible. Experienced and committed. That’s Blok’s Draadvorm in a few words. We are a manufacturer of components, intermediary and finished products made of metal wire in various shapes and sizes, from different materials and thicknesses from 0.3 – 14 mm. For over sixty years we have been involved in the development of custom made wire products. In collaboration with our clients we develop innovative solutions for the most diverse of applications in varying industries.

Our activities:

  • 2D and 3D bending and cutting of wire
  • Assembling and welding of wire (MIG/MAG, TIG, resistance welding and intermediate-frequency welding)
  • Drawing wire products in Solid Works
  • Making our own tools and molds in our tool shop
  • Pressing and pulling points
  • Powder coating, pickling and passivating RVS products
  • Packaging products in small bags and/or large boxes, which we can provide of your own barcode