Hooks, brackets and clips

A large part of the products we make, is to be placed in the category hooks, brackets and clips. This may not be the most exciting category, but their importance is not to be underestimated. Hooks, brackets and clips play a huge role in our private and working life.

The horticulture and floriculture sector is an excellent example of an industry that almost can’t go without hooks, brackets and clamps. Fixture brackets are used in greenhouses to mount the many lamps, condensation gutters are held in place by gutter hooks, screens and wires are attached and moved by using custom truss clamps and crops such as tomato plants are supported by tomato hooks and brackets.

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A custom made buckle.

Subsequently there are many more industries in which our hooks and brackets are used, such as the food processing industry, the retail sector and the transport and logistics industry.

Stainless steel or spring wire?

Where most brackets and hooks must be firm and wear-resistant, for many clamps it is important to be strong yet supple. These characteristics are crucial in determining the material to be used. At Blok’s Draadvorm we are glad to advise you on this matter, and we will always ask about the application of your product to give you the best advice.

Many of the clips that we produce are made of spring steel. The elasticity of the material fulfills the main function of a clamp. We think it is important that a clip keeps this function as long as possible. That is why we only use high quality spring wire. This spring wire is available in bare, galvanized and stainless steel and in different tensile strengths. All the material that is delivered to us is checked for size and strength.

Are you faced with an issue that can be solved by hooks, brackets or clamps? But not sure how? We would love to think about a solution and can help you with the design. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.