Metal springs and other semi-finished products

Next to the aforementioned industries, our wire products are widely used in many different applications. Most of these wire products aren’t finished products, but semi-finished products or components, such as metal springs.

Metal wire can be used in many different ways. One of these ways is to strengthen or protect sensitive products such as lamp shades. Next to this, some wire types have properties that can fulfill important roles in the functioning of a product, such as spring steel wire. We manufacture a large number of different metal springs, like coil springs, compression springs, tension springs and torsion springs. We are a large series production company and therefore cannot accept all requests for the production of technical springs. Depending on the type of spring, the minimum amount required to produce will range from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand pieces. As usual, the greater the desired amount of springs, the lower the price per spring. Request a quote.

We also produce all kinds of custom hooks, brackets, clips and wire ventilation guards.

To get an idea of how we produce metal springs, please have a look at the video below.