In preparation of applying a powder coating to our products, we efficiently degrease and apply phosphate conversion in a compact and energy efficient washing machine. This new method is an excellent preparation for the coating process, while we are able to reuse the solvent. After degreasing and the phosphate conversion, the products are transferred onto an automated production line for application of epoxy/epoxy-polyester/polyester or PPA. The PPA finish is soft to the touch and is especially useful for outdoor applications or hanging sensitive materials.

The new coating installation is able to collect the excess powder, allowing re-use of 99,5% of the materials. Recycling the powder is not only good for the environment, but is a direct saving for the customer.

The main heat loss in a standard oven is caused by the open front and back of the tunnel. Blok’s Draadvorm has lifted the oven to the second floor of our factory in order to shift the opening to the bottom of the tunnel. As heat rises it is now contained by the oven itself, significantly reducing heat losses and allowing us to re-use it for heating of our buildings.